Friday, 28 February 2014

A few bars of soap

I thought I'd share a few of the soaps I've made recently.

After a few trial batches which were good, but not quite what I wanted, I now have a lemon soap that I'm happy with. The soft yellow of my Lemon Fresh Soap comes from dried lemon peel. I was lucky enough to get hold of some lovely organic lemons. I carefully peeled them, dried the peel, then finely ground it. The smell is of the ground peel is quite intense and the colour is rich. Adding the peel to the soap gives it a speckled golden colour; plus I sprinkled a little more on the top just after pouring into the moulds. For fragrance I combined Lemon, May Chang and Sweet Orange essential oils for a fresh lemon scent with a hint of sweetness.

I like to add Shea Butter to my soaps because it's such a great moisturiser. In this Ginger Shea Butter Soap I've combined the shea with rice bran, olive and coconut oils for a creamy lathered bar of soap that's gentle on your skin. The warm, sweet, spicy fragrance comes from ginger and citrus essential oils. And I've used ground ginger for a bit of zing and to add a little speckle to the pale creamy soap.

I first made this one a few months ago and it has become a favourite of mine. I love the way the essential oils work together to compliment and enhance each other. Lavender Rosemary Soap combines the calming floral sweetness of locally produced lavender essential oil with the clean earthiness of rosemary. This is a luxurious, creamy lathered bar of soap which is gentle on your skin and a delight for your senses.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Welcome to my first blog. My name is Michelle and I'm the person behind the white rose.

I've been making soap for a few years now. I started Alba Rosa in October 2011 with a small range of soaps and a few salves. Since then I've made a lot of soap - classics like Lavender and Castile have remained favourites, while others have come and gone.

All my soap is made and cut by hand. I prefer not to use synthetic fragrances or colours. Instead my soaps are coloured with teas, clays, herbs and spices. Recently I've been experimenting with fruits and vegetables so will share some of the results in later posts.

My favourite soap of the moment is Chai Latte. I made my first batch a few months ago.

Full of lovely spices like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cloves and cardamom, with a hint of vanilla, it has a wonderfully rich, sweet, spicy aroma. And lots of lovely lather.