Saturday, 14 March 2015

Ten Ways to Use Lavender

1. Make Lavender Tea

Dried lavender buds can be used on their own or in combination with others dried herbs to make herbal teas. You'll find a recipe for Chamomile and Lavender Tea here.

2. Headaches

Lavender is a calming herb. A little lavender essential oil gently rubbed into the temples can help to ease a headache.

3. Make a simple dream pillow

Fill a drawstring bag with dried lavender flower heads and tuck into your pillowcase.

4. In Soap

I make four different kinds of lavender soap. The title photo above this blog is of my Lavender and Rosemary Soap

5. Lavender Infused Oil

Dried lavender infused in sweet almond oil makes a lovely bath oil. Follow the directions for making an infused oil here using sweet almond oil rather than calendula oil.

6. Lavender Shortbread

I've not made this myself, but have sampled it. You may like to try the recipe over at Foodlovers.

7. Plant it

Adding lavender to your garden is an great ways to attract bees - and it smells really good. Our dog adores lavender. We have to watch her when we're out for a walk as she loves to stick her whole head into flowering lavender bushes.

8. Make Lavender Water

In a spray bottle combine 5 drops of lavender essential oil with 150mls of distilled water. Shake well before using. This can be used to freshen a room.

9. Lavender Sachets

Fill a small muslin or organza bag with dried lavender buds. Tuck the bag into a drawer or into the linen cupboard for lavender scented towels and sheets.

10. Infuse in vinegar for cooking

Add a small handful of dried lavender buds to a litre of white wine or apple cider vinegar. Sit it in a warm, dry place for about 6 weeks. Strain the buds before using.

Another method is to place sprigs of lavender into a bottle of vinegar. This also works well with tarragon or rosemary.

Part Two: Ten More Ways to Use Lavender

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  1. Awesome ideas. In fact my neighbour has some I might just need to pinch, it's going to waste over there :P

    1. Would definitely be a shame to let it go to waste ;)

  2. Love them! I've had lavender soda and tea and love it. I would like to try more lavender foods, and think I'll have to make the vinegar. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Lavender soda sounds interesting - I haven't heard of it until now, but will have to go hunting!