Monday, 1 June 2015

Eighteen Months of Blogging

It now almost eighteen months since I began this blog intending to write mostly about what I do - making soap. But it's evolving into something more. I actually haven't posted much about soap-making at all! 

I've written about some of things that interest me and have learnt a lot as I've gone along. 

So here is a round-up of the most viewed posts of the last eighteen months. (Just click on the title to read the full article.)

What's in your body products?

For this article I looked at a bottle of roll-on deodorant to decipher exactly what all the listed ingredients were. This was really interesting exercise and I plan to look at more products in the future. If there's a particular product you'd like me to write about please let me know.

Plants for your natural remedies garden

I really enjoyed writing this one, so much so that it turned into a three-parter! It looks at several easy to grown plants that can be used in both natural remedies and skincare.

Make your own Avocado Face Mask

This mask is very easy to make and suits almost every skin type.

Uses for Neem Oil

Neem oil has a very distinctive smell - not one that most people would find pleasant, but it works well treating some skin problem including eczema.

Black Tea Toner

I've shared a few recipes for toners, but this is one that has been the most popular. Black Tea Toner is best suited to oily skin, but other recipes have catered for dry, combination and teenage skin.

Skincare from the Fridge

Four skincare recipes made ingredients you probably have in the fridge.

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