Monday, 7 December 2015

How to make Sparkling Elderflower (non-alcoholic)

If you've been following some of my recent posts you know that we are lucky enough to have a large elder tree in the back garden. I've dried elder flowers to use later. I've made Elder Flower Toner and Elder Flower Cordial

A couple of weeks ago I also made some Sparkling Elderflower. This is a great subtly flavoured drink with a bit of "fizz" that can be drunk on it's own or used in cocktails or mocktails. Here's how it's made: 

Sparkling Elder Flower


6 elder flower heads
2 chopped lemons (no need to peel or remove pips)
3 cups sugar
4 cups boiling water
14 cups cold water
2 tablespoons cider vinegar
5 or 6 one litre bottles
Food-safe bucket

Place the sugar and boiling water in the bucket ans stir to dissolve. Once the sugar is completely dissolved, add all the remaining ingredients. Stir. Cover and leave to stand for 48 hours.

Strain the liquid through a fine sieve. Alternatively line a sieve with muslin before straining.

Decant the strained liquid into bottles. It's very important that you DO NOT FILL the bottles right to the top. You need to leave plenty of room for the liquid to expand. Seal the bottles.

Makes approximately 4.5 litres.

The Sparkling Elder Flower will be ready to drink in a couple of weeks and is best when well chilled.

A note on opening the bottles - this is best done outside as the release of pressure when the bottle can be quite explosive.  On one very memorable opening I popped the lid of a bottle - the lid detached itself completely from the bottle (wire and all), flew about 5 metres across the backyard only stopping when it bounced off the side of the dog kennel.

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  1. this sounds delicious (and a little bit dangerous too!) I have never heard of elder flowers but I bet it's really refreshing. Thanks so much for sharing at our new #OTM linky :) ~ Leanne