Saturday, 11 March 2017

How to make Comfrey Fertiliser

Comfrey brings bees into the garden and makes an excellent companion plant. 

Comfrey is a good source of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. The leaves can be used to a make a rich liquid fertiliser, particularly suited to potatoes and tomatoes.

To make Comfrey Fertiliser you will need:

  • comfrey leaves
  • a 10 litre bucket
  • water
  • a large stone or brick

Half fill the bucket with comfrey leaves. Place the stone on top of the leaves to weigh then down then fill the bucket with water. Leave the bucket in the warm, dry, sheltered place to let the fertiliser "stew" for about a month.

After a month strain the liquid and bottle. Label the bottle. The rotted leaves that remain can be used as a side dressing in the garden or added to the compost heap.

To use: dilute the comfrey liquid before using. For every cup of comfrey add two cups of water. The diluted mix can be used to water or as foliar feed for established plants. For young plants dilute the comfrey liquid 3:1.

NOTE: Comfrey leaves are quite prickly and can irritate skin so gloves are a good idea.

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  1. I never knew the name for this plant. The flowers are beautiful. Thanks for sharing on the #wastelesswednesday blog hop!

  2. Thanks for sharing your tips at Snickerdoodle. I'm always looking for some useful tips for gardening, mainly because I'm really bad at it! :) Pinning.

  3. Great tip for gardening! Thank you for sharing at Link It Up Wednesday!

  4. I'm waiting for the weather to warm up a bit more so my comfrey will grow. I love making natural fertilizers and nettles are a good plant to use too. #WasteLessWednesday

  5. This was really informative. I'll share it with my husband since he is the one that tends to the farm and the gardening. Pinning!